About Us

We are in the film industry since the year 1982, making series TV for R.A.I. in Italy, shooting with Arriflex 16mm. We won the first award in 1984 with Jose` Maria Sanchez, for The Beautiful Otero (La Bella Otero), with Harvey Keitel and Angela Molina. We write films since then. And won awards as welll on 2020 and 2021. We produce films, we are executive producers as well, specialized in individuating the proper components in order to develop, finance, produce, finalize and bringing a film to screens. Besides to be writers we are business individuals capable to generate a profitable film product, we audience oriented.


Take a look to few Pitches of films in development for production.

Our Work

Film Industry & Digital Creations.


Producing high quality content, we are screenplayers and business people, implementing the most creative work to match the business needs. WE HAVE POST-PRODUCTION in house.


Digital Media, we create media for TV, and Digital Streaming as well. We have our own equipment, professional cameras (Panasonic, Red), lights, sound, basic rigging, 12ft greenscreen (blue as well).

Consulting for Media

We provide cooperation by consulting for individuation and implementation of best practices for assembling productions in selected Countries.


We consider to work in team to co-produce films around the world. We provide full assistance for assembling productions in Canada, and managing it.

Executive Producers

We can evaluate collaborations from other countries'work to provide services internationally, creative collaboration until the management of the production.

Locations and Productions

We provide assistamce for location: USA - CANADA - ITALY - U.K. - THAILAND. We are in the spot, to help to produce films locally, for location and PRODUCTION.

About Financing?

We have an agency marctaloninvest.net that is specialized to be in contact with investors around the world and Canada.

About Distribution?

1GJV Media is the corporation providing distribution services in Canada, P&A financing and implementations, audits, deliveries, agencies in Italy, U.K., Thailand and USA.

Our library

Films produced and in production

Our Team

Marco Taloni also is involved in financing for media. There are Founders and I have a word about Edo, Marco's son SPECIALIZED IN CGI-DIGITAL EFFECTS, has a team for POST-PRODUCTION.

Marco Taloni


Parita Suwanmanee


Edo Taloni


Kanjana Chimpalee


Contact Us

We accept proposals from all around the world.

Connect With Us :-

Phone : +1 416-619-0641

Email : corp@talonisuwanmanfilms.com

Address : CANADA, Toronto, Ontario, at Yonge & Davisville